"Take time to think about whether you are living your own life to the full or whether it has become a routine and less than satisfying. Goddess Freya can give you inspiration! Imagine wearing her cloak of falcon feathers and travelling wherever you wish!

Dr Sue Jennings - From her new book Goddesses


By Dr Sue Jennings


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These and other books will be available for sale soon from the Rowan bookshop, please check back regularly for more titles and details of how to purchase.

We currently have the following books on special offer (subject to availability):

  • Creative Storytelling with Children at Risk 2004
  • Creative Play with Children at Risk 2005
  • Creative Storytelling with Adults at Risk 2005
  • Creative Play and Drama with Adults at Risk 2005
  • 27 each + 3 p&p
  • Goddesses: Ancient Wisdom for Time of Change 12 + 2 p&p

If you are interested in purchasing copies of the above books please contact us for more details

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